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Programs That Make Dollars and Sense

Improving the efficiency of the places we work, play and learn helps save energy and that saves you money. Not only can we help you with learning how to use efficient and renewable energy resources, we also have financial incentives to offset the cost of becoming more efficient. All projects associated with potential incentive payments require pre-authorization by Gulf Power prior to commencement.


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Energy Checkup

Learn about your business' energy use and find tools and information to save money on your energy costs.

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Get 15 cents per sq. ft., up to $1,500 per customer, to improve ceiling insulation in existing buildings.

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Heating and Cooling

Get discounts for optimization of existing systems, as well as incentives from $125 to $250 per ton for system upgrades including heat pump or geothermal.

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Earn 10 cents per sq. ft., up to $5,000 per customer, for reflective roofing installed above conditioned space.

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Renewable Energy

Harness those rays and get incentives while you're at it.

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