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How Can We Help You?

Quality, comfort and a lifetime of energy savings.

When you choose an EarthCents Home, you know you're not just getting a home that looks good on the outside. You're also getting quality construction with all the interior features and options that make this home — your single largest personal investment — one that pays you back with energy-efficiency dividends in the form of lower utility bills month after month, year after year.

What are the benefits of a Gulf Power EarthCents Home?

  • A lifetime of energy bill savings
  • Improved indoor air quality and moisture control
  • Greater year-round comfort
  • High-quality, sustainable construction

These homes offer built-in quality and comfort, and are built more efficient than homes built to standard building codes - helping you save money and energy for years to come. Call us at 1-877-655-4001 to talk with efficiency experts, or click here to find a quality EarthCents homebuilder.


Building a Home

Quality builders add value with EarthCents Home.

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Efficiency Rating

The Home Energy Rating System is a national standard to measure efficiency.

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Heating & Cooling

High efficiency heating and cooling systems are indispensable in Northwest Florida.

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Building Envelope

A tightly sealed "thermal envelope" keeps heating and cooling costs low.

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Make sure the insulation in your home is effective and installed correctly.

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Energy efficient windows do more than enhance your view.

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Water Heating

There are lots of ways to save energy on the second-largest user of power in your home.

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Lighting & Appliances

Choose energy-efficient lighting and appliances for extra savings.

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