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Tight Construction and Even Tighter Ducts

Advanced techniques for sealing holes and cracks in a home's "thermal envelope" and HVAC ducts greatly improve comfort and indoor air quality. A tightly sealed system keeps warm and cool air in the home while keeping allergens, moisture and pests out. A more tightly sealed EarthCents Home helps keep energy and maintenance costs as low as possible.


  • Solid framework — tightly constructed, sealed and pressure tested
  • All plumbing and electrical penetrations carefully cut and then re-sealed
  • All insulation in full contact with a rigid air-barrier material
  • HVAC ductwork sealed with Fabmesh and Mastic on all joints, seams and connections
  • HVAC duct system pressure tested


  • Improved HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved comfort


Interior Pressure Balancing

Gulf Power EarthCents Homes require interior pressure balancing techniques that meet the Florida Energy Code and even exceed the specifications of most nationally recognized residential energy efficiency programs. Proper pressure balancing ensures that conditioned air will circulate freely throughout the house, regardless of whether interior doors are closed or open within the home.


  • Separate HVAC return air duct serving the master suite
  • "Jump Ducts" or "Transfer Grills" installed in all other rooms with doors separating them from the main return air zone


  • Reduced air infiltration and better indoor air quality
  • Greater comfort and consistent temperatures throughout the house