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Efficient & Effective Insulation

Properly installed insulation in the walls, attics and floors is one of the keys to a comfortable, energy-efficient EarthCents Home. It's not enough to simply have the right amount of insulation in your home. It must be installed without any gaps, voids or compressions. Anything short of this means your cooling and heating system may be forced to work overtime, leading to higher energy bills.


  • Insulation completely surrounds the home and comes in full contact with some form of rigid air barrier material
  • There are no gaps, voids or compressions in the insulation

How to Install Batt Insulation (1/3): The Pre-Insulation Walk Through

How to Install Batt Insulation (2/3): Insulating Tips from the Pros

How To Install Batt Insulation (3/3): Fiber Glass & Rock Wool Batt Insulation Inspection (rev)


  • Comfortable, consistent and even temperatures from room to room throughout the house
  • More efficient operation of your cooling and heating equipment, resulting in lower energy bills year-round
  • A quieter home with higher resale value