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High-Performance Low-E Windows

In Northwest Florida we're blessed with many spectacular views from lush, green golf courses to the unparalleled beauty that is a sunset over the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. It's only natural that a Gulf Power EarthCents Home have energy-efficient windows that allow you to enjoy those views without paying a huge energy penalty. EarthCents Homes are built with high-efficiency low-E windows that give occupants the light they want, but also help keep the sun's heat and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays out.


  • Low-E glass coatings that block the sun's heat and damaging UV rays
  • Advanced framing materials and assemblies that greatly reduce the conductive heat gains and losses common to less efficient windows
  • Certified performance according to the testing procedures established by the National Fenestration Rating Council


  • Greater day-lighting without increased energy costs
  • Greater comfort and consistent temperatures within rooms
  • Reduced condensation on window frames and sills, which reduces potential mold growth and water damage
  • UV protection for window treatments, furniture and flooring