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Do I have to change my lifestyle to be an Energy Select  customer?

The benefit of having the Energy Select programmable thermostat and timers for your appliances is that you don't have to change your lifestyle. Once you enter your customized program based on your schedule and desired price response, you don't have to think about it again. The Energy Select system will automatically do all the work for you, saving energy and your money. When surveyed, 81 percent of Energy Select participants say they agree or strongly agree that they have not had to significantly adjust their lifestyle.

If I'm typically home during the high price period, am I a good candidate for Energy Select ?

People at home during the high price period (weekdays) can shift the operation of their system with minimal to no impact on their activities. For cooling and heating, you can pre-heat or pre-cool before a higher price period begins, and then minimize consumption during the high price period. In fact, 86 percent of Energy Select participants report that there is someone at home during the summer high period in their household. Of the same group, 97 percent say that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the comfort level of their home.

What's the easiest way to maximize savings with Energy Select ?

The easiest way to maximize your savings is by simply minimizing your usage during the high price period. By programming your thermostat, water heater and pool pump to avoid usage for the majority of the high price period, you will save money.

Do I have to use electricity primarily in the low price period to save money?

No. Both the low price and the medium price are lower than the standard residential rate and these two price periods are in effect 87 percent of the time.