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Q & A

What are the rates, terms and conditions of the Energy Select  program?

Energy Select customers are on the Residential Service Variable Pricing or (RSVP) rate. Learn more about the RSVP rate schedule.

How much is installation of the Energy Select  equipment at my home?

Installation is free.

Is there a service charge for visits to my home for programming assistance?

No. In fact we will come out as many times as you need at no charge. It is our goal to offer you exceptional customer service. In addition, our customer service representatives are very familiar with the equipment programming and are happy to help you over the phone, just call 1-877-655-4001.

If I want to discontinue Energy Select , is there a removal fee?

There is no fee to remove the system. We highly encourage you to remain on the program for at least one year. Savings are realized annually. If you discontinue at the end of the summer, you cannot benefit from the generous winter savings.

When is the high price charged?

The high price is in effect from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m., Monday - Friday from May through October and from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m., Monday - Friday from November through April.

Can I pre-cool or pre-heat my home before a higher price period?

Yes. You can pre-cool or pre-heat your home during a lower price period so that the temperature remains comfortable during the higher price period.

What is the critical price period?

The critical price period is considered when Gulf Power's generating capacity has reached conditions for maximum demand of electricity. The critical price period is not set and is determined by Gulf Power as needed. Critical pricing periods will never exceed 1% of total hours in a year. However, you can plan for this price by programming your system to respond accordingly when the critical price signal is sent. You never have to be at home to respond to any price. Once your programs are set, the Energy Select system does the work for you. And if you need to make a quick fix to settings, you can login to the web portal from a computer anytime, anywhere to change your programming online.

And if you're away from your home and your computer, you can use your Smartphone to login to our mobile site, giving you access to some to of the most utilized programming functions, like making changes to your system mode and setting permanent holds on your cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump.

How will I know when the critical price is in effect?

Your Energy Select thermostat is equipped with an indicator light to warn you of an upcoming critical price period, as well as let you know when a critical price is in effect. (See your customer guide for specific details regarding your thermostat's indicator light operation.)

Can a critical price period occur during the weekend?

While a critical price can take place any time, it typically will occur on a weekday, during the high price period.

What happens with the price on observed holidays?

There is no high price in effect on observed holidays, which include Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. The high price will be replaced with the medium price on these days, mimicking the weekend schedule.

How often does the RSVP price change?

The RSVP price is subject to change at the same time the standard Residential pricing changes; however, the pricing periods — summer and winter — change annually. May 1st is the start of the summer period and November 1st begins the winter period, with each lasting six months. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware that the Energy Select pricing periods change each May and November. Energy Select customers will receive a season change postcard, the week prior to price period modification, as a reminder to reset programmed settings.


Can a customer be on both Energy Select  and the Flat Bill rate?

No. The price you pay for electricity is different on these two rates. Therefore, you cannot be on both rates at the same time.