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What type of communication is compatible with Energy Select?

For new customers to the program, broadband Internet service is required, including an open port on a router or modem for installing the communications gateway.

What is "broadband Internet service"?

Broadband Internet service refers to Internet service that is delivered via a "broadband" as opposed to older dial-up service through a phone line. Broadband literally means the method of delivery has greater bandwidth, allowing for the flow of larger amounts of data at faster speeds.

Why do I have to maintain compatible communications in order to have Energy Select?

Communication is a key component of the Energy Select program and must be maintained for the system to work as effectively as possible. It is necessary for the gateway to communicate with the head-end system at Gulf Power to generate accurate bills and record programming changes.

Why do I need Energy Select? Can't I save just as much with a regular programmable thermostat?

If you are not an Energy Select customer, the price you pay for electricity is the same 24 hours a day. Only on Energy Select do you get lower prices during certain time periods throughout the day and week. The Energy Select thermostat is no ordinary programmable thermostat. It has a price-response feature that allows you to program it to automatically respond to the price of electricity in effect at any given time. Because of this special feature, you can't buy it or any thermostat like it in any store. The only way you can get a thermostat that gives you this level of control over your electricity and monthly bill is through the Energy Select program.

How accurate is the Energy Select  thermostat?

The Energy Select thermostat is a very accurate "smart" thermostat, more accurate in fact than most thermostats commonly found in homes. Because of this added precision, it is not uncommon for the smart thermostat to display a different room temperature than what you may be accustomed to with an older-model thermostat.

How long will the thermostat hold my program in the event of a power outage?

Since your programming is stored in memory, it is maintained through any length of power outage. The thermostat will not have to be reprogrammed after an outage.

How do I know if I'm eligible for Energy Select?

Click here to check the eligibility requirements for Energy Select participation.

Why did Gulf Power Company develop this program?

It costs Gulf Power significantly more to produce electricity in high demand periods. Energy Select was developed to encourage customers to shift a portion of their electricity purchases from the higher priced peak demand periods to the lower priced demand periods to save money. Therefore, since Energy Select lowers demand in the peak periods, it benefits Gulf Power Company and all ratepayers by helping to defer the cost of building new facilities to meet growing demand, and consequently, rates can remain lower for everyone. It's a win-win for customers and Gulf Power.