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Good for you, good for the environment!

"It's exciting to see an entire company working to make a future for the next generation, leaving a smaller footprint and promoting efficiency."

Marijane Waldschmidt, Energy Select Customer since 2012, owner of rental residences, all on the Energy Select program.

How does Energy Select impact the environment?

Energy Select has both short- and long-term positive effects on the environment. Since customers on Energy Select have an opportunity to immediately lower their overall energy consumption, in addition to paying less for the energy they do use, it's approved by the Florida Public Service Commission as a program designed to conserve energy and benefit all customers. Also, since Energy Select is designed to lower peak demand and defer the need for building additional generating facilities, in the long term, it's an environmentally friendly program.

Environmental commitment is a core value at Gulf Power. We take ownership and responsibility for helping the environment by committing the resources needed to make it happen. By investing in innovative technologies and programs like Energy Select, Gulf Power offers a way to use our natural resources more efficiently. And with Energy Select, customers get the added benefit of saving money.