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Energy Select – proud recipient of POWERGRID International’s 2012 Demand Response/Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

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The Right Time for a Great Program

When Energy Select burst on the scene in 1998 it seemed like a great idea whose time had come. And in short order, the rest of the nation agreed.

The Energy Select program has continued to evolve over the years and customer participation has picked up substantially. In fact, in October, 2012, Energy Select celebrated a major milestone by welcoming the 10,000th customer to the program.

Since its inception, Energy Select has been recognized by everyone from Newsweek magazine to the National Society of Professional Engineers. Besides being the only program of its type anywhere in the United States, it is clearly seen as a state-of-the-art technology that is re-inventing the concept of energy efficiency.

Here are just a few of the honors this program has won:

  • POWERGRID International Demand Response/Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Recipient 2012
  • New Product Award 2002 — National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Award of Achievement in Energy Services 2002, Association of Energy Services Professionals
  • International Governor’s New Product Award 2001, Florida Professional Engineers in Industry
  • Platts Global Energy Award, Finalist 2001

In addition, a program like Energy Select attracts a lot of attention. As evident below:

  • Wall Street Journal, January 2006
  • Newsweek, November 2005
  • Chartwell’s Best Practices for Utilities and Energy Companies, December 2005
  • Wall Street Journal, May 2005
  • Esource, electric industry publication, March 2002
  •, online business publication, May 2002
  • Wall Street Journal, August 2002
  • This Old House, September 2002
  • Smart Money Magazine, July 2001