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There are four elements that work as a system to help you save money and energy on the Energy Select program

First, there's a special programmable thermostat. This thermostat, along with timers for your applicable appliances, allows you to manage your home's central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump, putting you in control of how much energy you purchase, when you purchase it and at what price you purchase it.

The second element is the Energy Select rate that goes along with the program. The rate, which features four different prices for electricity, is structured so that you have the opportunity to pay a lower price for the power your household consumes 87 percent of the time.

The communications gateway is the third element of the Energy Select program. The gateway is a small device that connects to your Internet router/modem. This gateway, along with your home's broadband Internet signal, facilitates communication among the equipment in your home (thermostat and appliance control) as well as the exchange of data between your home and Gulf Power.

The fourth element is the Web portal. This user-friendly interface allows you to program your thermostat and appliances via the Internet, providing a convenient alternative to programming your thermostat at the devise. Using the Energy Select Web portal, you can program your central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump from the convenience of any computer with Internet access. It doesn't get much easier than that.

The sophistication and progressive technology of these integrated communication pathways both inside the home, and from the home to Gulf Power, is why this program is nationally recognized as one of the most advanced systems of its kind.