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Heating and cooling costs the average homeowner more than $1,000 a year - nearly half the home's total energy bill. ENERGY STAR qualified roof products reflect more of the sun's rays and can lower roof surface temperature significantly. Less heat coming through the roof means your air conditioner is not working as hard, reducing its workload by 10 to 15 percent.

EarthCents incentives are offered on a limited basis, and may vary based on date of purchase and installation. As of Jan. 1, 2016, you can get $0.25 per square foot, up to a maximum of $400, when you install a qualifying roofing product. Applications are accepted online or by calling 1-877-655-4001.

Click Here for Eligibility Requirements

  • Incentive amounts, program rules, and regulations are subject to change.
  • In the event that incentive amounts change, the purchase date of the product or equipment will be used to determine the incentive amount.
  • Offer is available to Gulf Power residential customers only.
  • Application must be submitted online or by phone within 60 days of the installation of qualifying products.
  • The incentive for qualifying roofing products is limited to a maximum of $400 per residence.
  • Qualifying roofing products must constitute the uppermost surface of the building structure only.
  • Qualifying roofing products must meet the most current ENERGY STAR® guidelines and have an initial solar reflectance as defined below.
    • Greater than or equal to 0.65 for low-slope roofs defined in accordance with ASTM Standard E 1918-97 as roof surfaces with a slope of 2:12 inches, or less.
    • Greater than or equal to 0.25 for steep-slope roofs ? defined as roof surfaces with a slope greater than 2:12 inches.
  • Prior to payment of incentive, the following conditions must be met:
    • Complete incentive application.
    • Documentation of proof of product qualifications (including manufacturer and the appropriate efficiency specifications of the products).
    • Sales receipt documentation including date of installation.
  • Neither the payment of an incentive, nor any inspection by the company shall be deemed as guaranty or warranty by the company.
  • Installation must pass Gulf Power's verification process.


Download this booklet full of ways to save money and energy at home.

Library of detailed information about efficiency in your home or business.

To find qualifying equipment or products, check out ENERGY STAR

U.S. Department of Energy offers advice about Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Learn More

According to Energy Star, "solar reflectance is the most important characteristic of a roof product in terms of yielding the highest energy savings during warmer months." If you want to green your roof, making it reflective is the key.

Reflective Roof Products These products come in more than one form - reflective roof coverings, tiles, paints and PVC sheets. Check out Energy Star's complete product list.

Another bonus is that these products protect your roof. That means your roof will last longer which increases the overall eco-friendliness of your house's top.

Learn more about reflective roofing at Cool Roof Council

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