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Get credit for sending your excess renewable energy back to the grid.

Customers who have installed “grid-tied” renewable energy systems — up to 2 megawatts — can benefit from Net Metering, which allows Gulf Power to provide credit for any excess electricity their renewable system generates.

Links to the application and agreements, as well as helpful information, are below.

What are the requirements for Net Metering?

Gulf Power has established the following interconnection requirements to protect the safety of our linemen and to maintain the quality of power the grid provides:

  1. Completed Interconnection Application from the customer of record at the applicable address.
  2. Installation of solar modules or panels that meet UL1703 specifications.
  3. Installation of solar inverters that meet UL1741 and IEEE1547 specifications.
  4. Design schematic which identifies the applicable installation address and the details of the panel and inverter location and wiring methods.
  5. Signed Interconnection Agreement with the current customer of record at the applicable address. Permitting and inspection of the solar installation issued by the local authority having jurisdiction.

Note: Three different interconnection tiers exist with Tier 2 and 3 having additional requirements. These requirements can be found in the Interconnection Agreement for the appropriate tier.

How do I apply for interconnection and net metering?

Gulf Power requires that customers follow the interconnection process when considering new renewable generation or existing renewable system upgrades:

  1. Complete and mail a Standard Interconnection Application for Customer-Owned Renewable Generation(Application) and required documentation to Gulf Power at the following address:

    Gulf Power Company

    Attn: Mass Market Renewable Analyst, Bin 231

    One Energy Place

    Pensacola, Florida 32520-0231

  2. Gulf Power will review your application and documentation, application and documentation, and further evaluate if any other requirements exist for your specific system
  3. If pre-installation documentation is approved, Gulf Power will forward the appropriate Standard Interconnection Agreement for Customer-Owned Renewable Generation (Agreement) to you, depending on the size on your installation.
  4. Your system can now be installed, if you agree to adhere to the requirements specified by Gulf Power.
  5. Sign and return the Agreement and the inspection report to Gulf Power at the address above.
  6. Gulf Power will schedule and conduct an on-site engineering verification of your equipment.
  7. Upon successful verification, Gulf Power will provision your meter for Net Metering.
  8. Gulf Power will notify you when you are authorized to turn on your renewable equipment and interconnect to the grid.

Net Metering/Renewable Energy Generation FAQs