Residential Technologies and Programs Overview


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How Can We Help You?

You know us for electricity but we have many other products to keep you secure and comfortable.

Basic PLUS Surge Protection

Basic PLUS Surge Protection

Protect household appliances from lightning strikes.

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Premium Surge Protection

Protect your valuable electronics and appliances from lightning strikes.

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Outdoor Lighting

Feel secure, deter thieves and protect your property with outdoor lighting — a key component to safety.

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Water Heaters

Take control of your home's second largest energy user. Choose a new electric water heater.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Up to 50% savings from the ground up.

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Heat Pumps

Learn about the most advanced heating and air conditioning for your home.

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Duct Systems

Seal your ducts and save up to 20% on heating and cooling.

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Programmable Thermostats

Program your heating and cooling system around your schedule and budget.

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Smart Energy

To read meters remotely and offer our customers a host of other benefits, we're installing Smart Meters.

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Pool Pumps

Find out pool pump efficiency tips to save on your energy bill.

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Pool Heating

Find out how a pool heat pump works.

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