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From lightning strikes to restarting services after an outage, surges can enter your home from a number of sources. And, they are almost always damaging to your appliances or electronics. That's why a surge protection system is vital for any homeowner. There are a number of reasons that Gulf Power's Premium Surge Protection is the best system anywhere for protecting your home.

Three-Way Protection for $9.99 a month
Premium Surge Protection has an advantage over standard methods because it not only protects electrical lines, but also the cable TV and phones lines as well. You can protect one electric meter, one satellite/cable TV line and two phone lines. Plus, you can add additional lines for $1.50 each, per month. No money up front, we add it to your monthly electricity bill.
Comprehensive Protection
Around-the-clock defense against damaging surges which try to enter your home through your electric, phone or cable/satellite TV lines.
Peace of Mind
We take care of all installation and service afterward, so you can relax, knowing that your home's electronics and appliances are well protected when the next storm hits.

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